The Effect the Strong Economy Has on Holiday Driving

Did we mention that the auto industry’s making a dent these days? We did. And as for Thanksgiving, we’re about to see a whirlwind record of drivers with cars — either old or new — doing what most Americans love to do: travel. And for good reason. The economy’s strong, for sure, but what does this have to do with holiday driving? It costs a lot to maintain a car, and then you have to think about gas prices, but when you think about it — isn’t it worth it to be around family?

AAA Has Forecasted That This Will Be the Biggest Thanksgiving for Holidayholiday driving strong economy Driving Since 2007

And one of the reasons happens to be the economy. It’s been growing, and not just in auto. The prediction is that 1MM more Americans than in 2015 will definitely make sure to get behind the wheel and drive to family and friends for Thanksgiving turkey, and the reasons why are steady wages and decreasing unemployment rates.

More and more people are succeeding at their jobs. More and more people are getting new jobs. More and more people are seeing their wages increase. This accounts for more possibilities for obtaining new car loans, paying more on gas prices (even though gas prices are actually leveling out and in some areas going down). Believe it or not…. But the economy’s looking pretty good!

Now’s the Time to See About That Car Loan Before Getting the Turkey Fix-Ins

Because nothing beats driving into your parents’ driveway for that dinner in a brand-new car to show off. You can see that AAA has brought in the numbers: this will be the biggest holiday driving day since 2007. Why? Because people want to be with family and friends this holiday season. And nothing beats being with family and friends than getting into that car you just purchased. FOR MORE INFORMATION ABOUT CAR LOANS, CLICK HERE.

3 Things to Keep in Mind When Refinancing Your Auto Loan

Talk about best practices with LOANS 4 CARS. We’re all about helping you. The consumer. The potential car buyer, driver, commuter. Working citizen. That’s why this is prime stuff for you to read. Because owning a car isn’t just about getting from A to B. It’s about getting the rest of the letters in the alphabet to benefit your bottom line. And you do that by following these three mantras on refinancing your auto loan.

Overall, Refinancing Your Auto Loan Will Benefit You Tremendously, as refinancing your auto loanLong as You….

That’s Just the Beginning When it Comes to Refinancing Your Auto Loan

You have to remember: your car’s an investment. Not just a machine driving you to and from work, or to and from school, or to and from home. You can make that car work for you. You can even make that car PAY YOU and YOUR GAS if you play your cards right. All the more reason for you to consider a car loan right now, because down the road, that car loan could be an instant money-maker.

And now you know how. Now you have more resources right here than even signing up for our chance to get you listings on some great car loans. Enjoy the market right now. It’s looking pretty good. You never thought these vehicles would be like homes with equity, did you? Now you know better!

You Might Want to Refinance Your Car Loan RIGHT NOW, and Here’s Why

Believe it or not, but when you refinance your car loan, we’re not simply talking about nickels and dimes. We could conceivably be talking about dollar signs. A lot of them. And there’s a big reason why.

First Off, Did You Realize That the Car You Just Bought Is Now a Used Car?

Many car buyers and owners don’t even realize that. Once you’ve bought the car, it’s no longer new. It’s used. And that’s a big deal when you refinance your car loan. Rates are different when comparing refinance your car loannew car loans with used car loans. A lot different. So do yourself a favor and check the rates.

How different? Generally speaking, used car rates tend to go for a lot higher than new, so it’s worth looking into, especially if your credit score has improved over time. We’re talking about maybe a year or two down the road. Be strategic, of course, as this is an exact science, this idea of refinancing your car loan, and there are certain steps to take. But your first step is exactly this: the new rates may be a lot different, and it might be to your benefit to look into it.

Who Knew That When You Refinance Your Car Loan, You’re Revitalizing Your Finances?

Obviously…. After all, paying for that car loan improves your credit score every single time you pay it. So as the rate goes up, your cost might go down depending on your credit report. In other words…. You’re making your car loan work for you, literally making you money as you drive. You can’t compete with that, can you?

This is why you have to sign up for a listing of car loans that might work for you and your budget. Simply sign up today with LOANS 4 CARS and get started. Remember: the market’s hot right now. And it’ll only get better.


Auto Refinancing: the Dark Side, and Why It May Not Be Good for You

Don’t get us wrong: auto refinancing isn’t a bad thing, per se. After all, the point of refinancing is to get a little more dollar for your time and your payments as you drive. You want your investment to work for you, especially with these things to know when considering car refinancingHowever…. Auto refinancing isn’t for everyone, and here’s why —

What If Your Car or Truck Is Actually Worth LESS Than the Loan Balance?

You have what’s called an “upside down” in the industry. You won’t even be able to refinance. Even if youauto refinance tried. This is good to know, though, given the amount of time passing. In fact, if it just so happens that your vehicle’s already six or seven years old, a refinance won’t benefit you at all. It’s all about value. How much value is there in your car? How many times has it been maintained? Are things slowly falling apart? Is it really worth it? It might not be!

The bonus to knowing this, though, is that the old myth about having to wait a “while” before auto refinancing has been debunked in a beautiful way. You really don’t have to wait! You can sign up for a listing of car loans right here with LOANS 4 CARS, get approved, and literally just a few months later, you can try for a refinance and see if you get a better rate. Why not? It might save you more money. It’s all about strategy.

It Just so Happens That the Way Loans Are Structured Follows This Ideal

Since the bulk of interest is always paid up front, the fact remains: you might actually save more money the earlier you refinance. Always consult with us on the strategy, though. Because it depends on the value of your car. It really depends on your credit, too. All these factors play a role on not only when you auto refinance, but also on whether you can.

Important stuff to know. And while knowing that, sign up with us at LOANS 4 CARS, and you’ll be even closer to not only having that car of your own, but making that car work for you!


Auto Refinancing Is a One-Time Thing…. So Make It Good!

There’s a certain strategy to auto refinancing, and the fact remains (and we don’t want to burst your bubble too much): but the timing has to be right. Simply put. If it’s not, the honest truth is you may not want to do it. You might get a few pennies here and there, but overall the hassle’s way too much. So resist the temptation. Hold out for something better. And even better than that….

Make the Extra Money Work for You When Auto Refinancing!refinancing your car

What do we mean by that? Let’s say you’ve successfully refinanced your car. What next? Let’s put it this way: you’ve got some extra monthly money to work with now, but don’t just waste that money. Build an emergency fund with it. Save for a vacation. Pay off some debts.

The point of refinancing isn’t simply to give you more money to play around with. Owning a car may be a benefit and a luxury for some, but for you, it’s an investment. That car you’re driving is basically a big pile of money that’ll only get bigger — and bigger. If you play your cards right.

The Fact Is You May Never See Interest Rates on Your Car Loan Dip Like That Again

So you make the extra money work for you. For as long as you can. Remember: you’re going to have that car for a very long time, for the entire lifeline of the car loan. During that time, while you’re driving kids to and from school, while you’re driving yourself to and from work — the least you can do for yourself is make that car work for you!


Owning a car is like having a business. Your product is the car. Better yet, the car loan. We urge you not only to sign up for LOANS 4 CARS, but recognize that!

Why You Should Be Thankful for Auto Innovations This Holiday Season

The most amazing thing about the auto industry is this: we’re seeing auto innovations almost every week. Always something new: whether it’s 3D printing, green technology, or just good ol’ plain efficiency, driving maintenance and fuel costs down substantially. Why is auto technology so important though, aside from just lovin’ the new features and going goo-goo over the fact that you can stream your live Netflix via your flat-screen in the back?

If You’re in the Know, You’d Know That AAA Has Called This Holiday Season for Thanksgiving as the BIGGEST for Travel Since 2007auto innovations

And that’s saying a lot. It’s been shown that Americans love to drive, particularly when it involves seeing family and friends on special holidays that involve turkey. More importantly, aside from the fact that gas prices are steady and in some cases going down, and the economy all around is going up, the fact is this: the auto market’s getting more and more efficient, with safety, mileage, and specific benefits that would warrant longer road trips.

In essence, certain benefits like green technology — hydrogen fuel cells, EV, etc. etc. — help cut down the cost of both gas and the cost toward the environment, making it that much more fun and enjoyable to drive. The cost of gas goes down. More money ends up in the pockets of Americans while they get to enjoy family and friends over some turkey.

Additionally, safety features make a dent — the rear-view cams, the automatic safety brakes. You’ve seen the commercials. You know what we’re talking about. It plays a role on whether or not Americans want to drive, even if it is in the cold, or the snow, or the rain.

So We’re Trusting the Numbers, and Auto Innovations Play a Role in Them

Now’s the time to see if that car loan works for you, because it could mean a vehicle with all the bells and whistles ready for not only Thanksgiving, but Christmas. SIGN UP RIGHT HERE AND SEE WHAT’S AVAILABLE.

Forget Uber: “Car Sharing” Is the Wave of the Future, and Here’s Why

What is “car sharing” anyway? And why are we hearing about it only just now? You’d be surprised to know that this is a phenomenon already sweeping the automobile industry in droves, and for good reason. For one thing…. It’s like Uber. Only not. Confused, yet? Let’s help you on it:

What “Car Sharing” Is

We’ll put it in perspective for you: Uber is to taxis what “car sharing” is to car rentals (like Hertz, Enterprise, etc. etc.). In other words, car sharing is simple a form of car renting but with some subtle differences. For one thing, more and more manufacturers are making car sharing available in a way that’s beneficial to the consumer. The concept’s more for the convenience of drivers who don’t own cars but need transportation for a short period of time, such as a few hours. However, instead of a flat fee like car rental companies would charge, you’re only charged for how long you’re driving and the distance. Moreover, the new service allows any car sharing-1driver to access any car at any hour — not just during business hours.

This changes the game as far as car renting goes. Like taxis feeling the heat from Uber, car rental companies might feel the heat for this growing trend engulfing the auto market. Instead of having to go to a company to rent a car, you can simply find a car that happens to be parked on reserve anywhere in your town, city or neighborhood — and if it’s available for car sharing — lock in your credit/debit card, and you’re good to drive it! That’s basically the gist. And it’s genius.

And Why It’s Going to Make a Mint for EVERYONE

Another way of thinking about it is this: it’s Uber, but you don’t have to drive. The customer drives. Again, a genius business model for the principal to make some money off of customers who need transportation at short bursts. And manufacturers are starting to see the writing on the wall in a big way:

What This Means for You, the Prospective Car Owner

It’s a win-win, really. Maybe you’re in the market for getting a new car loan, and if that’s the case, you can click here and fill out that form. Let LOANS 4 CARS find the right deal for you. Even better, though, is the fact that you’re potentially benefiting others who aren’t quite ready to own or lease a car! Sign up for a car sharing service, and you can make money just for owning a car! Not to drive it, not to pick somebody up, like with Uber. Just to own the car!

Now if that’s not a reason to own a car in today’s market, we don’t know what is….

Daimler’s Car2Go Makes It Easy to Own a Mercedes

Why is that? Because with the new car sharing service apparently making a dent in this auto industry, you can practically own one of Daimler’s vehicles and actually get paid to share it out to consumers! It’s called Car2Goa car sharing option available with the car brand making a stamp in Seattle (given that the city’s a major staple for the novelty known as car sharing).

With Car2Go, You Can Sign Up as a Member, Have Your Vehicle Labeled, and Earn Money Just by Leaving It Parkedcar2go

The idea is that customers can pay to drive the car where they need to go, at short intervals. It’s apparently getting quite the following, too. Currently, Car2Go sits at a strong base of 75K members. And you can imagine it’ll only grow more and more.

This benefits commuters in multiple ways — for one, car owners end up like car landlords, renting out their vehicles and making some money. Others who at the moment can’t afford a new car can still get around without having to call Uber. It’s definitely a win-win. Additionally, traffic and parking problems become a thing of the past as Car2Go members simply leave their vehicles wherever they want. People can find locations online, head for them, lock in their payment info, and start driving immediately.

It’s basically taking the car rental out of the shop and bringing it directly to the consumer. That’s a novel idea.

Of Course, in This Car Sharing Environment, You’ll Expect to See Some Competition

Numerous manufacturers are jumping on the car sharing bandwagon, so you better believe this: there’s going to be competition. We might be in a situation where there are so many options out there. No confusion, though. Just a chance for someone to find something that’ll work for their transportation needs.

The future of the auto industry looks pretty bright. Uber. Electric cars. Smartphone keys (we’re not kidding). And now this? Just another reason for you to sign up right here and see what wonderful auto loans are out there….


Why General Motors Might Have a Real Winner With Maven

For those who don’t know, Maven is a Zipcar-like car-sharing service breaking boundaries all over Ann Arbor, MI, and now in New York. And here’s the bigger picture: the company that once faced bankruptcy in Detroit will now be expanding this car sharing service to three other major cities — Chicago, Boston, and Washington D.C.

That Spells Success Especially Given How Popular Car Sharing Has Become

Like many other services starting to crop up clear and wide, Maven has grown to become a staple of Chevy Volt MavenAmerican-made, with users logging in well over a million miles just to drive Chevies, Cadillacs and Buicks wherever they need to go. Think car renting merged with Uber, and you get the picture: car sharing has become the wave of the future, and you can now rent a car (without walking into a Hertz, mind you) for just $6 to $8 per hour.

This is huge for lots of car owners — especially Lyft members, and maybe even some Uber drivers, who want to make even more money by renting their cars out (and not driving them).

Here’s what you need to know about Maven, though: there’s no annual membership fee. Zipcar and Daimler’s service Car2Go, however, does. There’s an advantage there, but the rest boils down to customer service. It’s still a relatively new business model, but one that can be profitable for both the consumer, the driver, and the manufacturer. After all, in Chicago alone, there will be 15 locations where customers can actually rent Maven cars just by getting on a phone app. No more having to take a bus to the nearest car rental company.

There’s No Telling How Far Maven Is Going to Go

Car sharing arguably might outdo services like Lyft and Uber. However, many like the independence of driving to get where you need to go and not having to worry about something driving you where you need to go. The market may balance out, but one thing’s for sure: this is quite the benefit, and it’s clear that the auto industry’s evolving for the better — all the more reason to sign up and find the right auto loan for yourself!


Ford Has Just Got Creative With This Car Sharing Thing

We’ve seen plenty when it comes to car sharing and for good reason — it’s a flexible business model benefiting not only manufacturers, but owners and customers. By customers, of course, we’re talking about individuals who don’t own a car but can drive. And owners are those renting out their cars to such customers. A novel idea…. But guess what: Ford has apparently taken it one step further:

Ford Has Launched a New Leasing Program Remarkably Looking Like a Family Cellphone Plan!Ford Focus GoDrive

We know it’s crazy as it sounds…. But it could easily work quite well. At the moment, Ford’s entered the car sharing business with great stride given their GoDrive option, allowing customers to rent out cars from other drivers. This new plan we’re talking about, though, is called the “Ford Credit Link” plan, and it can be best described as a family plan for a cellphone. Just replace the word ‘cellphone’ with a ‘car’, and you’ll get the idea.

Essentially, Ford has developed an app allowing a group of people to coordinate just one vehicle. It’s almost like shared ownership. Instead of blindly renting a car to just anyone, Ford Credit Link allows a user to rent out a car to a specific group of people. Very much like a cellphone family plan.

It’s an Out-of-the-Box Idea, But a Creative One, for Sure

Think businesses, for one thing. A company vehicle shared between partners/owners/employees. The benefit is flexibility. It’s a perk. A family can also sign up for this membership. The sky’s really the limit. Creativity on how to benefit from such a membership can only be hindered by the scope of the mind of the user.

We say Ford has something here. And you know Ford’s been around since the good ol’ days when those Model Ts used to roam around everywhere. The auto industry continues to wow us. And you better believe — it’s one big reason why you should act now and sign up to see what auto loans you can apply for!