Here’s Why Thanksgiving Day Is a Great Day to Own a Car

Believe it or not, but this is the truth: Thanksgiving Day, according to AAA, will be hot travel day for many Americans hitting the road. In fact, we’re talking about a record number: over a million drivers will be hitting the road to meet up with family and eat some turkey. And why’s that? Why does that matter to you? And what does this have to do with owning a car?

The Fact Is the Auto Industry’s Been on Such a Rise, That Travel Has Been Predicted to Increase for This Thanksgiving Day

And there are many factors as to why that is. You can see some of the figures below in the links, and theyThanksgiving Day-1 don’t lie: more and more people are driving — and believe it or not — they’re also saving money by traveling.

Of course, this means roads are more of a danger especially for those drivers not paying attention. But the fact is this: you’re a good driver. And you need to get home, or to your friend’s home, or your father’s home, or anyone’s home to celebrate Thanksgiving Day. It’s a time for connection. For togetherness. And nothing gets that happening more than a car, which is why it’s a great time to own one.

Here’s a breakdown of the reasons why you have to own a car for Thanksgiving Day:

  • Low Gas Prices — You won’t believe the figures here.
  • The Strong Economy — Yes, it’s true. But what about the economy makes this a good thing?
  • Better Automotive Technology — It’s true. How effective your car is definitely relates to how many miles you can travel on a daily basis. Want more info on this?

That really is just the start of it, people. The facts are here. If you want to get around more, more and more people are looking to own that car.

This Is Ultimately Why It’s Crucial You Find the Right Car Loan

You could walk out with a new or used car with the most updated features and be set with a low monthly payment. Simple as that. And now you’ve got that privilege some may not have, but you won’t have it unless you ACT NOW AND SIGN UP FOR LOANS 4 CARS RIGHT NOW.

It’s going to be Thanksgiving, man. Make it special. Think of this as an early Christmas present. But the real presents show up when you’re with family, and that new car of yours is what made those presents show up.

You Can Thank Low Gas Prices for This Holiday Season

Call us crazy, but have you noticed the weirdest thing these days while driving around town and looking at the gas station signs. That’s right: for some odd reason, gas prices are going down. It’s staggering, really. Long gone are the days when we could easily pay 95 cents a gallon and fill up a half a tank with just a Lincoln, but it turns out we might be getting close to those euphoric days if the trend of gas prices continues the way it is.

Would You Like to Know What the Figures on Gas Prices Are, Predicting Travel for Thanksgiving Day?gas prices-1

As this article says about Thanksgiving Day, travel’s going to rise. And the forecast is that this will be the busiest Thanksgiving since 2007. That’s saying a lot. As for gas prices, here’s the thing: even though a gallon of petrol apparently at the moment costs 11 cents more than it used to in 2015, given the efficiency of many of our vehicles, we’ve still saved well over $28MM so far at the pumps compared to last year. This is largely due to the fact that gas prices are remaining pretty steady — and they just might go down in the very near future.

Because of the gas prices and auto efficiency, though, this means AAA has forecasted that an alarming 48.7MM Americans will actually travel 50 miles or more during Thanksgiving, literally shattering the previous record back in 2007. And to make it even more interesting? 89% of those travelers will actually do it by car.

All the More Reason Why It’s Important That You See About That Car Loan….

Don’t get us wrong: taking a cruise is great, and flying’s still the way to go for long distances. But if family’s down the corner beyond that of foot or bike, and you really don’t want to take a bus or train, we’re willing to bet you’re going to want to FILL OUT THIS FORM AND SEE ABOUT A CAR LOAN RIGHT NOW. You’ll be thankful you did.

The Effect the Strong Economy Has on Holiday Driving

Did we mention that the auto industry’s making a dent these days? We did. And as for Thanksgiving, we’re about to see a whirlwind record of drivers with cars — either old or new — doing what most Americans love to do: travel. And for good reason. The economy’s strong, for sure, but what does this have to do with holiday driving? It costs a lot to maintain a car, and then you have to think about gas prices, but when you think about it — isn’t it worth it to be around family?

AAA Has Forecasted That This Will Be the Biggest Thanksgiving for Holidayholiday driving strong economy Driving Since 2007

And one of the reasons happens to be the economy. It’s been growing, and not just in auto. The prediction is that 1MM more Americans than in 2015 will definitely make sure to get behind the wheel and drive to family and friends for Thanksgiving turkey, and the reasons why are steady wages and decreasing unemployment rates.

More and more people are succeeding at their jobs. More and more people are getting new jobs. More and more people are seeing their wages increase. This accounts for more possibilities for obtaining new car loans, paying more on gas prices (even though gas prices are actually leveling out and in some areas going down). Believe it or not…. But the economy’s looking pretty good!

Now’s the Time to See About That Car Loan Before Getting the Turkey Fix-Ins

Because nothing beats driving into your parents’ driveway for that dinner in a brand-new car to show off. You can see that AAA has brought in the numbers: this will be the biggest holiday driving day since 2007. Why? Because people want to be with family and friends this holiday season. And nothing beats being with family and friends than getting into that car you just purchased. FOR MORE INFORMATION ABOUT CAR LOANS, CLICK HERE.

Why You Should Be Thankful for Auto Innovations This Holiday Season

The most amazing thing about the auto industry is this: we’re seeing auto innovations almost every week. Always something new: whether it’s 3D printing, green technology, or just good ol’ plain efficiency, driving maintenance and fuel costs down substantially. Why is auto technology so important though, aside from just lovin’ the new features and going goo-goo over the fact that you can stream your live Netflix via your flat-screen in the back?

If You’re in the Know, You’d Know That AAA Has Called This Holiday Season for Thanksgiving as the BIGGEST for Travel Since 2007auto innovations

And that’s saying a lot. It’s been shown that Americans love to drive, particularly when it involves seeing family and friends on special holidays that involve turkey. More importantly, aside from the fact that gas prices are steady and in some cases going down, and the economy all around is going up, the fact is this: the auto market’s getting more and more efficient, with safety, mileage, and specific benefits that would warrant longer road trips.

In essence, certain benefits like green technology — hydrogen fuel cells, EV, etc. etc. — help cut down the cost of both gas and the cost toward the environment, making it that much more fun and enjoyable to drive. The cost of gas goes down. More money ends up in the pockets of Americans while they get to enjoy family and friends over some turkey.

Additionally, safety features make a dent — the rear-view cams, the automatic safety brakes. You’ve seen the commercials. You know what we’re talking about. It plays a role on whether or not Americans want to drive, even if it is in the cold, or the snow, or the rain.

So We’re Trusting the Numbers, and Auto Innovations Play a Role in Them

Now’s the time to see if that car loan works for you, because it could mean a vehicle with all the bells and whistles ready for not only Thanksgiving, but Christmas. SIGN UP RIGHT HERE AND SEE WHAT’S AVAILABLE.

Why Your Ideal Road Trip Is In Michigan

2000px-Lake-Michigan.svg michigan


Pack the car, roll down the windows and free your inner explorer as you set out on a Michigan road trip. Whether it’s discovering new urban adventures, the state’s rich heritage, new food and drink, or just celebrating breathtaking natural beauty, a Michigan road trip will fill your adventurous tank.

  1. Small Town Gems

    There is no shortage of amazing little nooks in the great state of Michigan. Whether it’s finding the best stack of pancakes that you have ever dreamed of or the strangest statue of a dinosaur that you can take a picture with, you will always find yourself joyfully surprised by the small towns the mitten.

  1. Fall Will No Longer Be Just An Excuse To Wear Sweatersdownload (5) michigan

    After you take a road trip in Michigan during the autumn months, you will never think of the season the same. Driving through winding country roads lined with the most beautiful colored trees, will make you truly never want to road trip anywhere else.

  1. It’s Not Just The Back Roads That Make It The Best

    No a good road trip is never complete without discovering the hidden treasures within a new city. Big cities with rich history can change your outlook on what it means to adventure. Cities like Detroit or Grand Rapids are the perfect places to make your next road trip perfect.

images (2) michiganBut honestly, we all know that some cars just won’t make it to see such an amazing road trip. Do you really want to take the chance of losing the opportunity to see all of the amazing wonders that Michigan has to offer? Applying for an auto loan today can make it happen with no sweat. And the only thing left to plan is what snacks to bring.

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Why Your Old Car Just Isn’t Cutting It

How many more miles are you willing to waste your money on driving that unsafe hunk of junk you call a car?

Just bare with me for some more reasons why you need a new car.

  1. Good gravy that thing is a death trap. Anything above 65 mph make it start shaking like a leaf. There is a mysterious thud that is calling to impending doom. Generally, nothing about your decision to keep this car for this long is a safe idea.
  2. A fresh start isn’t a bad thing. I’m sure you have tons of good memories in that car. But what about the bad ones? All of the times it left you stranded in the middle of nowhere. All of the sweaty drives that you had to endure in the dead heat of summer without air conditioning. Isn’t it time for some new and better memories?
  3. Do you honestly think that keeping that thing for this long as saved you money? After all of the hours and days in the shop, and all of the wasted gas money (because you know it only gets 16 miles per gallon), and the dates lost after they saw your horrid mess of a car, you have not saved a penny. You may as well have set your wallet on fire.
  4. How much more are you willing to get made fun of by your friends for all of your silly fixes? Is your bumper held on by duct tape… or not on at all? Is your shifter not a shifter at all, but something else that is definitely not being used for it’s intended purpose? I think it’s time for a change.junk-1 car

But worry not! There are options for you. That new car isn’t as unattainable as you think. Apply for a auto loan today and start saving money and start making those new memories.


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The “Great” American Road Trip

Let’s set the stage for quite an adventure:

Pierce_Stocking_Scenic_Drive_Woods roadSitting in middle of the back seat, uncomfortably wedged between two much older (and much sweatier brothers). Sweat making the hair stick to my forehead because the tiny car from the mid 1980’s had no air conditioning. This car has been selflessly serving our family through many different road trips to football games and drives to Grandma’s house, but this drive from Michigan to South Dakota was no small task for such a worn down car.

I remember it like it was yesterday. The sweat of my brothers still making me incredibly grossed out the only thing to break the silence of our broken am radio was the occasional yell from one of my brothers, “Slug bug!” And they would proceed to shove me either direction trying to get a good punch into the other’s shoulder.

Now, this story may sound like a wholesome tale of the average American road trip. No. This is a cautionary tale to every parent to never make your child go through that mess of a road trip in a car that should have never left the county.

Words Of Wisdom

130912241_0718976864_b roadWhen a road trip is in the works, the only way to truly make it a “great” American road trip is to have the proper vehicle to do it! One that you can rely on to not break down in the middle of nowhere, when you have no service and the nearest exit is 30 miles south. Have a vehicle that you can count on to be the perfect place for laughs, inside jokes, loud singing, and plenty of driving games.

Don’t make the mistake that my parents made, sign up today to get the right auto loan for you so you can redefine the Great American Road Trip!


5 Ways to Decorate Your Car to Feel More Like Home

Are you living a boring, routine life, and looking to add a bit of spice and flavor to your everyday life? Maybe you can’t be spontaneous and chop off all of your hair, or go get that tattoo you and your friends always joke around about, but you can do something to your car, your second home!

You may be thinking, my car? How does that spice anything up in my life? Well just think about it! You get into your car every morning and drive it to work. You take the same route back home after a long day of work. Whenever you’re with friends going somewhere, you’re all crammed into your car! Why not make things a little more interesting?

Home Is Where the Car Ishome

Sure, it may not be exactly what you’re looking for, but everyone says your car is the automotive embodiment of you, right? Maybe that’s just me. Either way if you want to add some character to your car, here are just a few easy ways to go about doing that:

  • Add some fun seat covers or a steering wheel cover!
  • Decorate the outside of your car with a bumper sticker or a fun license plate frame
  • Add in a custom radio or sound system
  • Get a brand new paint job, in a color you’ve never had before.
  • Add accessories and gadgets to the inside of your car

Now these may not really seem like drastic changes to your car, but add some small thing. Changing something can completely alter the feel of your car. It can definitely make it feel a bit homier. Don’t have a car, and looking to get your own so you can make it your own, not a problem!

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3 Easy Ways to Keep Your Car Healthy And Running Great

Your car should be one of the most important things in your life. Considering its one of the only things that you can rely on for transportation. Let’s be honest here, your car will do you no good if it is not kept in great condition. Sure it can still work, but the chances of it failing on you, or something bad happening is far greater if you don’t make sure that it stays healthy and running smoothly.

Healthy, Happy, and Running Like It’s the Very First Timehealthy

Now there are people who regularly do maintenance on their vehicle and make sure everything is up to date. Then there are people who do not do that. Don’t be that person. It doesn’t take much to check a gauge or go into a shop every once in a while, and the benefits far outweigh the “pain in the butt” 10 minutes or less it would take to actually check all of the things in your car. Here are 3 extremely easy ways to keep your car running and healthy:

  • Check your oil – A common misconception about your oil is that you can check it whenever you want. In reality you should drive around for a while before checking your oil. Make sure it’s running properly.
  • Get your tires filled regularly – This one isn’t all that tough. Some places offer free air to fill up your tires. If they don’t, most places offer to do it free of charge with an oil change. Kill two birds with one stone.
  • Regularly wash your car – Although this one doesn’t necessarily help the health and longevity of your vehicle, it’s always nice to see a car clean and appealing to the eye.

It’s a pretty easy job keeping your car up and running, and if you don’t, you may need to look into getting a new car, which is really easy to do when you apply for an auto loan.

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Does Switching to an Electric Car ACTUALLY Save You Any Money?

We’ve come to a point in time where the things that we rely on most for transportation, can essentially transport themselves. They evolution of the automotive industry as a whole is one of the most extraordinary things that has happened to us humans. One of the biggest things that people run into now a day, however, is the age-old question of fuel, or an electric car?

Wait A Second…I Thought Electric Cars We’re Just a Myth?

A myth? Far from it! You must have been living under a rock, because electric cars have been around for years and years, and it seems as though no one truly takes advantage of everything that they have to offer.

Let’s think about it for a second. Think about the brilliance behind using an electric car instead of one that runs on fuel.

Why Go to an Electric Car: electric car

  • They are a lot more quiet than a car that runs on fuel
  • No need to keep paying to fill up your gas tank
  • Charging at home is easy and convenient
  • GREAT for the environment

Need we say more? Although it’s very obvious that cars run by fuel still run the high way and most of our streets, you can’t deny the growth of electric cars as well. More people seem to be stepping up and caring more about their environment, enough to stop omitting fuels into the atmosphere.

There’s really no right or wrong choice for a car to drive when you’re looking for a car to get, or whether or not to change, because in the end, it’s really all just about your own personal preference. But, as most people like to do in this world, conforming is something that is important to a lot of people. So, if more and more people are looking to get and electric car, what about you? Getting a car can be tough sometimes, but it doesn’t have to be.

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