Why Your Ideal Road Trip Is In Michigan

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Pack the car, roll down the windows and free your inner explorer as you set out on a Michigan road trip. Whether it’s discovering new urban adventures, the state’s rich heritage, new food and drink, or just celebrating breathtaking natural beauty, a Michigan road trip will fill your adventurous tank.

  1. Small Town Gems

    There is no shortage of amazing little nooks in the great state of Michigan. Whether it’s finding the best stack of pancakes that you have ever dreamed of or the strangest statue of a dinosaur that you can take a picture with, you will always find yourself joyfully surprised by the small towns the mitten.

  1. Fall Will No Longer Be Just An Excuse To Wear Sweatersdownload (5) michigan

    After you take a road trip in Michigan during the autumn months, you will never think of the season the same. Driving through winding country roads lined with the most beautiful colored trees, will make you truly never want to road trip anywhere else.

  1. It’s Not Just The Back Roads That Make It The Best

    No a good road trip is never complete without discovering the hidden treasures within a new city. Big cities with rich history can change your outlook on what it means to adventure. Cities like Detroit or Grand Rapids are the perfect places to make your next road trip perfect.

images (2) michiganBut honestly, we all know that some cars just won’t make it to see such an amazing road trip. Do you really want to take the chance of losing the opportunity to see all of the amazing wonders that Michigan has to offer? Applying for an auto loan today can make it happen with no sweat. And the only thing left to plan is what snacks to bring.

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Technology: The Auto Industry Is Going Bonkers

Many different things have happened to the Auto industry over the years. And all of the big changes that have left the industry kicking and screaming are based in new technology. The air bag for instance is a prime example of the auto industry’s desire to resist and throw as many tantrums against new tech as possible. But soon after the general acceptance of air bags, manufacturers were putting eleven of them in every car. And technology’s involvement in the average car’s make-up has only gotten more involved since then.

With the recent development of Elon Musk’s Tesla, the entire auto Tesla_Roadster_Japanese_display technologyindustry is clambering to be the first one to put a new and often absurd piece of tech into their vehicle. And as for autonomous vehicles, everyone seems to have gone a little crazy.

Despite the high cost and increasing complexity, automakers have jumped in with both feet to develop self-driving cars. We are hearing all sorts of promises that seem far-fetched given all the testing that still must be done.

Ford has announced an autonomous car with no steering wheel or pedals in less than five years, a breathtakingly short time period. And others don’t plan to be left behind.

And that’s not all that’s happening on the technology front. Toyota has added new pieces to the game by developing a vehicle that runs on hydrogen in California.

As always, there will be winners and losers. But it’s exciting to see so such competition involving so much new technology and ideas.IMG_3496bfree technology

Just when we thought things had calmed down, it gets interesting again.

There’s ever a dull moment in the car business. And there is no reason why you shouldn’t be a part of it! The perfect car, with just the right amount of technology, is waiting for you. And a loan could be the exact way to get you on the road.