Forget Uber: “Car Sharing” Is the Wave of the Future, and Here’s Why

What is “car sharing” anyway? And why are we hearing about it only just now? You’d be surprised to know that this is a phenomenon already sweeping the automobile industry in droves, and for good reason. For one thing…. It’s like Uber. Only not. Confused, yet? Let’s help you on it:

What “Car Sharing” Is

We’ll put it in perspective for you: Uber is to taxis what “car sharing” is to car rentals (like Hertz, Enterprise, etc. etc.). In other words, car sharing is simple a form of car renting but with some subtle differences. For one thing, more and more manufacturers are making car sharing available in a way that’s beneficial to the consumer. The concept’s more for the convenience of drivers who don’t own cars but need transportation for a short period of time, such as a few hours. However, instead of a flat fee like car rental companies would charge, you’re only charged for how long you’re driving and the distance. Moreover, the new service allows any car sharing-1driver to access any car at any hour — not just during business hours.

This changes the game as far as car renting goes. Like taxis feeling the heat from Uber, car rental companies might feel the heat for this growing trend engulfing the auto market. Instead of having to go to a company to rent a car, you can simply find a car that happens to be parked on reserve anywhere in your town, city or neighborhood — and if it’s available for car sharing — lock in your credit/debit card, and you’re good to drive it! That’s basically the gist. And it’s genius.

And Why It’s Going to Make a Mint for EVERYONE

Another way of thinking about it is this: it’s Uber, but you don’t have to drive. The customer drives. Again, a genius business model for the principal to make some money off of customers who need transportation at short bursts. And manufacturers are starting to see the writing on the wall in a big way:

What This Means for You, the Prospective Car Owner

It’s a win-win, really. Maybe you’re in the market for getting a new car loan, and if that’s the case, you can click here and fill out that form. Let LOANS 4 CARS find the right deal for you. Even better, though, is the fact that you’re potentially benefiting others who aren’t quite ready to own or lease a car! Sign up for a car sharing service, and you can make money just for owning a car! Not to drive it, not to pick somebody up, like with Uber. Just to own the car!

Now if that’s not a reason to own a car in today’s market, we don’t know what is….

Daimler’s Car2Go Makes It Easy to Own a Mercedes

Why is that? Because with the new car sharing service apparently making a dent in this auto industry, you can practically own one of Daimler’s vehicles and actually get paid to share it out to consumers! It’s called Car2Goa car sharing option available with the car brand making a stamp in Seattle (given that the city’s a major staple for the novelty known as car sharing).

With Car2Go, You Can Sign Up as a Member, Have Your Vehicle Labeled, and Earn Money Just by Leaving It Parkedcar2go

The idea is that customers can pay to drive the car where they need to go, at short intervals. It’s apparently getting quite the following, too. Currently, Car2Go sits at a strong base of 75K members. And you can imagine it’ll only grow more and more.

This benefits commuters in multiple ways — for one, car owners end up like car landlords, renting out their vehicles and making some money. Others who at the moment can’t afford a new car can still get around without having to call Uber. It’s definitely a win-win. Additionally, traffic and parking problems become a thing of the past as Car2Go members simply leave their vehicles wherever they want. People can find locations online, head for them, lock in their payment info, and start driving immediately.

It’s basically taking the car rental out of the shop and bringing it directly to the consumer. That’s a novel idea.

Of Course, in This Car Sharing Environment, You’ll Expect to See Some Competition

Numerous manufacturers are jumping on the car sharing bandwagon, so you better believe this: there’s going to be competition. We might be in a situation where there are so many options out there. No confusion, though. Just a chance for someone to find something that’ll work for their transportation needs.

The future of the auto industry looks pretty bright. Uber. Electric cars. Smartphone keys (we’re not kidding). And now this? Just another reason for you to sign up right here and see what wonderful auto loans are out there….


Why General Motors Might Have a Real Winner With Maven

For those who don’t know, Maven is a Zipcar-like car-sharing service breaking boundaries all over Ann Arbor, MI, and now in New York. And here’s the bigger picture: the company that once faced bankruptcy in Detroit will now be expanding this car sharing service to three other major cities — Chicago, Boston, and Washington D.C.

That Spells Success Especially Given How Popular Car Sharing Has Become

Like many other services starting to crop up clear and wide, Maven has grown to become a staple of Chevy Volt MavenAmerican-made, with users logging in well over a million miles just to drive Chevies, Cadillacs and Buicks wherever they need to go. Think car renting merged with Uber, and you get the picture: car sharing has become the wave of the future, and you can now rent a car (without walking into a Hertz, mind you) for just $6 to $8 per hour.

This is huge for lots of car owners — especially Lyft members, and maybe even some Uber drivers, who want to make even more money by renting their cars out (and not driving them).

Here’s what you need to know about Maven, though: there’s no annual membership fee. Zipcar and Daimler’s service Car2Go, however, does. There’s an advantage there, but the rest boils down to customer service. It’s still a relatively new business model, but one that can be profitable for both the consumer, the driver, and the manufacturer. After all, in Chicago alone, there will be 15 locations where customers can actually rent Maven cars just by getting on a phone app. No more having to take a bus to the nearest car rental company.

There’s No Telling How Far Maven Is Going to Go

Car sharing arguably might outdo services like Lyft and Uber. However, many like the independence of driving to get where you need to go and not having to worry about something driving you where you need to go. The market may balance out, but one thing’s for sure: this is quite the benefit, and it’s clear that the auto industry’s evolving for the better — all the more reason to sign up and find the right auto loan for yourself!


Ford Has Just Got Creative With This Car Sharing Thing

We’ve seen plenty when it comes to car sharing and for good reason — it’s a flexible business model benefiting not only manufacturers, but owners and customers. By customers, of course, we’re talking about individuals who don’t own a car but can drive. And owners are those renting out their cars to such customers. A novel idea…. But guess what: Ford has apparently taken it one step further:

Ford Has Launched a New Leasing Program Remarkably Looking Like a Family Cellphone Plan!Ford Focus GoDrive

We know it’s crazy as it sounds…. But it could easily work quite well. At the moment, Ford’s entered the car sharing business with great stride given their GoDrive option, allowing customers to rent out cars from other drivers. This new plan we’re talking about, though, is called the “Ford Credit Link” plan, and it can be best described as a family plan for a cellphone. Just replace the word ‘cellphone’ with a ‘car’, and you’ll get the idea.

Essentially, Ford has developed an app allowing a group of people to coordinate just one vehicle. It’s almost like shared ownership. Instead of blindly renting a car to just anyone, Ford Credit Link allows a user to rent out a car to a specific group of people. Very much like a cellphone family plan.

It’s an Out-of-the-Box Idea, But a Creative One, for Sure

Think businesses, for one thing. A company vehicle shared between partners/owners/employees. The benefit is flexibility. It’s a perk. A family can also sign up for this membership. The sky’s really the limit. Creativity on how to benefit from such a membership can only be hindered by the scope of the mind of the user.

We say Ford has something here. And you know Ford’s been around since the good ol’ days when those Model Ts used to roam around everywhere. The auto industry continues to wow us. And you better believe — it’s one big reason why you should act now and sign up to see what auto loans you can apply for!


Tesla Motors: Taking Car Sharing to the NEXT LEVEL

Other car sharing brands out there better watch out — or at the very least, evolve and stay ahead of the competition. Because car sharing just got interesting after what we’ve found out about Tesla Motors and what they have planned.

Here’s the Skinny on Tesla Motors and Why a Self-Driving Car Now Seems Even COOLER

Chances are you’ve already heard of those self-driving cars Tesla Motors keeps touting. Yes, futuristic, and even Uber and Lyft are getting in on the action for this type of car sharing service. After all, car sharing seems to be beating out the traditional model manufactured by Uber and Lyft already. You should get what this means:Tesla Motors

What if you could rent out your self-driving car? Not only would you not have to drive the car for the customer. But the customer doesn’t even have to drive! This changes the game dramatically, and Tesla Motors even has covered its bases regarding competition, developing a disclaimer stating that car owners cannot use this feature to make some additional revenue through Uber or Lyft.

In other words…. If you want that self-driving car from Tesla Motors, you have to sign up for their own Tesla Network, a car-sharing program, and not sign up for such services as Uber or Lyft. The competition’s getting heavy.

The Tesla Network: a Service Changing the Car Sharing Game Completely

The tagline for this innovative program is simple: Generate income for you while you’re at work or on vacation. Simple. Obviously, companies like Uber and Lyft will respond in kind, offering their own soon-to-be-launched programs for self-driving vehicles, but you’ve got to recognize the one-two punch here: Tesla Motors holds many of the cars as far as auto technology.

Other companies better try to keep up. Because this car sharing trend’s starting to explode. Sign up right now to see if you can get that car loan and get in on this car sharing monopoly!

BMW’s New Car Sharing Service Has Put Seattle on the Map

The auto market just got real interesting, what with this car sharing trend starting to hit all corners of the U.S. market. Funny how a little ZipCar can change everything, what with how U.S. manufacturers think, but here’s a bit doozie for you: BMW. Yep. You heard correctly: BMW has entered the soiree, developing their own car-sharing option called ReachNow.

This Basically Means You Can Drive That BMW as a RENTAL Without Going to ANY Car Rental Company

By the way…. If you happen to know of any car rental companies with BMWs, you just let us know. That would be great. Just another WOW factor for ReachNow, the service making available a fleet of BMW 3ReachNow_Logo BMW Series sedans, i3s’s, and Mini Coopers. This option has grown to be quite the competitor, reaching Austin, and even NYC. Smart cars, too, are available for car sharing purposes.

Of course, the ReachNow service isn’t necessarily cheap, but if you need a vehicle for a short period of time, the per-minute pricing BMW offers won’t take too much skin off your financial chest. It’s virtually comparable, perhaps even cheaper, than taking a taxi. At the moment the promotional rate is 41 cents a minute while driving and 30 cents a minute parked, but if you’re looking for some longer road trips, save up some money: the cap is $50 for 3 hours, $80 for 12 hours, and then $110 for 24 hours. That doesn’t include gas.

Now, of course, this is downright comparable to regular car renting, and it’s definitely much more flexible. And you’re getting to rent out a smart car, or just any BMW. Pretty sweet. But here’s the thing:

Car Sharing Is Growing. That Means the Competition’s Growing.

We can only imagine just how big this is going to get. Car sharing options from manufacturer to manufacturer will start to vary as they vie for some advantage or key unique selling proposition. So keep your eyes peeled. Especially you, BMW. If you want to stay competitive, start looking at the trends! Because you never know — you might find a prospective car owner looking for an auto loan to get a BMW right now!

(If you are, go ahead and click here to sign up!)