Here’s Why Thanksgiving Day Is a Great Day to Own a Car

Believe it or not, but this is the truth: Thanksgiving Day, according to AAA, will be hot travel day for many Americans hitting the road. In fact, we’re talking about a record number: over a million drivers will be hitting the road to meet up with family and eat some turkey. And why’s that? Why does that matter to you? And what does this have to do with owning a car?

The Fact Is the Auto Industry’s Been on Such a Rise, That Travel Has Been Predicted to Increase for This Thanksgiving Day

And there are many factors as to why that is. You can see some of the figures below in the links, and theyThanksgiving Day-1 don’t lie: more and more people are driving — and believe it or not — they’re also saving money by traveling.

Of course, this means roads are more of a danger especially for those drivers not paying attention. But the fact is this: you’re a good driver. And you need to get home, or to your friend’s home, or your father’s home, or anyone’s home to celebrate Thanksgiving Day. It’s a time for connection. For togetherness. And nothing gets that happening more than a car, which is why it’s a great time to own one.

Here’s a breakdown of the reasons why you have to own a car for Thanksgiving Day:

  • Low Gas Prices — You won’t believe the figures here.
  • The Strong Economy — Yes, it’s true. But what about the economy makes this a good thing?
  • Better Automotive Technology — It’s true. How effective your car is definitely relates to how many miles you can travel on a daily basis. Want more info on this?

That really is just the start of it, people. The facts are here. If you want to get around more, more and more people are looking to own that car.

This Is Ultimately Why It’s Crucial You Find the Right Car Loan

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It’s going to be Thanksgiving, man. Make it special. Think of this as an early Christmas present. But the real presents show up when you’re with family, and that new car of yours is what made those presents show up.

Why You Should Be Thankful for Auto Innovations This Holiday Season

The most amazing thing about the auto industry is this: we’re seeing auto innovations almost every week. Always something new: whether it’s 3D printing, green technology, or just good ol’ plain efficiency, driving maintenance and fuel costs down substantially. Why is auto technology so important though, aside from just lovin’ the new features and going goo-goo over the fact that you can stream your live Netflix via your flat-screen in the back?

If You’re in the Know, You’d Know That AAA Has Called This Holiday Season for Thanksgiving as the BIGGEST for Travel Since 2007auto innovations

And that’s saying a lot. It’s been shown that Americans love to drive, particularly when it involves seeing family and friends on special holidays that involve turkey. More importantly, aside from the fact that gas prices are steady and in some cases going down, and the economy all around is going up, the fact is this: the auto market’s getting more and more efficient, with safety, mileage, and specific benefits that would warrant longer road trips.

In essence, certain benefits like green technology — hydrogen fuel cells, EV, etc. etc. — help cut down the cost of both gas and the cost toward the environment, making it that much more fun and enjoyable to drive. The cost of gas goes down. More money ends up in the pockets of Americans while they get to enjoy family and friends over some turkey.

Additionally, safety features make a dent — the rear-view cams, the automatic safety brakes. You’ve seen the commercials. You know what we’re talking about. It plays a role on whether or not Americans want to drive, even if it is in the cold, or the snow, or the rain.

So We’re Trusting the Numbers, and Auto Innovations Play a Role in Them

Now’s the time to see if that car loan works for you, because it could mean a vehicle with all the bells and whistles ready for not only Thanksgiving, but Christmas. SIGN UP RIGHT HERE AND SEE WHAT’S AVAILABLE.