Auto Refinancing: the Dark Side, and Why It May Not Be Good for You

Don’t get us wrong: auto refinancing isn’t a bad thing, per se. After all, the point of refinancing is to get a little more dollar for your time and your payments as you drive. You want your investment to work for you, especially with these things to know when considering car refinancingHowever…. Auto refinancing isn’t for everyone, and here’s why —

What If Your Car or Truck Is Actually Worth LESS Than the Loan Balance?

You have what’s called an “upside down” in the industry. You won’t even be able to refinance. Even if youauto refinance tried. This is good to know, though, given the amount of time passing. In fact, if it just so happens that your vehicle’s already six or seven years old, a refinance won’t benefit you at all. It’s all about value. How much value is there in your car? How many times has it been maintained? Are things slowly falling apart? Is it really worth it? It might not be!

The bonus to knowing this, though, is that the old myth about having to wait a “while” before auto refinancing has been debunked in a beautiful way. You really don’t have to wait! You can sign up for a listing of car loans right here with LOANS 4 CARS, get approved, and literally just a few months later, you can try for a refinance and see if you get a better rate. Why not? It might save you more money. It’s all about strategy.

It Just so Happens That the Way Loans Are Structured Follows This Ideal

Since the bulk of interest is always paid up front, the fact remains: you might actually save more money the earlier you refinance. Always consult with us on the strategy, though. Because it depends on the value of your car. It really depends on your credit, too. All these factors play a role on not only when you auto refinance, but also on whether you can.

Important stuff to know. And while knowing that, sign up with us at LOANS 4 CARS, and you’ll be even closer to not only having that car of your own, but making that car work for you!


Auto Refinancing Is a One-Time Thing…. So Make It Good!

There’s a certain strategy to auto refinancing, and the fact remains (and we don’t want to burst your bubble too much): but the timing has to be right. Simply put. If it’s not, the honest truth is you may not want to do it. You might get a few pennies here and there, but overall the hassle’s way too much. So resist the temptation. Hold out for something better. And even better than that….

Make the Extra Money Work for You When Auto Refinancing!refinancing your car

What do we mean by that? Let’s say you’ve successfully refinanced your car. What next? Let’s put it this way: you’ve got some extra monthly money to work with now, but don’t just waste that money. Build an emergency fund with it. Save for a vacation. Pay off some debts.

The point of refinancing isn’t simply to give you more money to play around with. Owning a car may be a benefit and a luxury for some, but for you, it’s an investment. That car you’re driving is basically a big pile of money that’ll only get bigger — and bigger. If you play your cards right.

The Fact Is You May Never See Interest Rates on Your Car Loan Dip Like That Again

So you make the extra money work for you. For as long as you can. Remember: you’re going to have that car for a very long time, for the entire lifeline of the car loan. During that time, while you’re driving kids to and from school, while you’re driving yourself to and from work — the least you can do for yourself is make that car work for you!


Owning a car is like having a business. Your product is the car. Better yet, the car loan. We urge you not only to sign up for LOANS 4 CARS, but recognize that!