Tesla Motors: Taking Car Sharing to the NEXT LEVEL

Other car sharing brands out there better watch out — or at the very least, evolve and stay ahead of the competition. Because car sharing just got interesting after what we’ve found out about Tesla Motors and what they have planned.

Here’s the Skinny on Tesla Motors and Why a Self-Driving Car Now Seems Even COOLER

Chances are you’ve already heard of those self-driving cars Tesla Motors keeps touting. Yes, futuristic, and even Uber and Lyft are getting in on the action for this type of car sharing service. After all, car sharing seems to be beating out the traditional model manufactured by Uber and Lyft already. You should get what this means:Tesla Motors

What if you could rent out your self-driving car? Not only would you not have to drive the car for the customer. But the customer doesn’t even have to drive! This changes the game dramatically, and Tesla Motors even has covered its bases regarding competition, developing a disclaimer stating that car owners cannot use this feature to make some additional revenue through Uber or Lyft.

In other words…. If you want that self-driving car from Tesla Motors, you have to sign up for their own Tesla Network, a car-sharing program, and not sign up for such services as Uber or Lyft. The competition’s getting heavy.

The Tesla Network: a Service Changing the Car Sharing Game Completely

The tagline for this innovative program is simple: Generate income for you while you’re at work or on vacation. Simple. Obviously, companies like Uber and Lyft will respond in kind, offering their own soon-to-be-launched programs for self-driving vehicles, but you’ve got to recognize the one-two punch here: Tesla Motors holds many of the cars as far as auto technology.

Other companies better try to keep up. Because this car sharing trend’s starting to explode. Sign up right now to see if you can get that car loan and get in on this car sharing monopoly!